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    Blogging – 5 Ways to Use HubSpot for Online Marketing

    Many marketers have tapped into the power of blogs to generate income as a result of their tremendous surge in popularity.

    So, why are marketers so enthusiastic about using blogging for online marketing?

    HubSpot is now the best-rated content management system. HubSpot has a 4.5/5 rating from G2 Crowd (a leading independent review house) based on 5,649 votes at the time of writing this blog.

    The following are the top five reasons.

    Use HubSpot for Online Marketing
    Use HubSpot for Online Marketing

    Why Use HubSpot for Online Marketing?

    Infrastructure and security

    The HubSpot CMS uses a global, enterprise-grade content delivery network (CDN) to ensure quick, secure access.

    This implies that instead of building the page’s data and layout for each request, HubSpot will render the page in advance and send it to the CDN, dramatically enhancing the performance and security of your site.

    HubSpot also enables multi-blog hosting, which you can control in one spot, unlike other platforms.

    It’s free

    HubSpot has stepped in to assist blog writing easier by giving free, ready-to-use blog post templates which you can use to create a blog for free. It’s simple to go from a loss to a profit.

    Blogging dashboard and reporting

    The HubSpot blogging dashboard displays the most relevant performance metrics from your HubSpot-hosted blog entries in one place.

    Traffic sources, time on page, submissions, average bounce and exit rate, new contacts, and customers are all factors to consider.

    Marketers may use this dashboard to access various closed-loop reports, ranging from traffic sources to attribution.

    SEO benefits

    HubSpot blogging tool not only assists you in producing excellent content but also optimises your blog content for search engines.

    The optimisation area of the program offers SEO suggestions to help you boost your search rankings. HubSpot suggests you if anything needs to be changed in your blog post’s SEO juice, from title length to keywords and internal links.

    Blog subscription ability

    HubSpot creates a blog subscriber form for any blog you create automatically. You can set up blog email notifications to be sent out immediately, weekly, or monthly.


    Using a word processor and visiting the internet is all it takes to start and maintain a blog. As a result, Surfers trust blogs.

    According to market research, the ordinary internet user believes what they read on a blog for more than the marketing put out by large corporations.

    This is due to the misconception that a blog is operated by an individual not affiliated with a corporation. This isn’t always the case, but it’s the case for the vast majority of blogs.

    HubSpot Blogging tool is free, where you can create a blog.

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