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    How to do Hubspot WordPress Integration?

    Hubspot, in many ways, is a great tool to work with; it features a free edition which you can use for marketing, sales, managing customer records and customer support.

    If you have a WordPress website or planning to build a website on WordPress, the Good news is that now you can integrate HubSpot and WordPress with the help of the HubSpot All-In-One Marketing Plugin.

    HubSpot WordPress Plugin
    HubSpot WordPress Plugin

    HubSpot WordPress Integration

    1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add a New Plugin.
    2. Search for ‘HubSpot’.
    3. Look for HubSpot – CRM, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Forms & Analytics Plugin.
    4. Before you install the Plugin, read the compatibility guide.
    5. Install the Plugin.
    6. Activate the Plugin.
    7. Sign In to the HubSpot account with your credentials.
    HubSpot WordPress Integration
    Sign In to the HubSpot account

    If you don’t have a HubSpot account, register with your email ID. HubSpot allows you to register through non-business email.

    8. Connect HubSpot with WordPress. Once the process is successful, you will see a message: Connection is Successful.

    Connect HubSpot with WordPress

    Use HubSpot Plugin for

    1. Using live chat and chatbots, you can connect with visitors to your website in real-time.
    2. Build forms or link existing forms from your website to capture leads.
    3. Send newsletters and automate email marketing campaigns to nurture your leads.
    4. Get key insights and monitor the health of your business with the help of Analytics dashboards.

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    Features you can use with HubStop All in one Plugin

    Features for your business needs:

    ✅ CRM & Contact Management Platform
    ✅ Email Newsletter & Marketing Automation Software
    ✅ Forms & Popups
    ✅ Reporting dashboard
    ✅ Live Chat & Chatbots
    ✅ Integration with other platforms

    HubSpot Review by the Users



    By leveltgp on June 6, 2022

    Amazing !!!

    Não permite fazer login


    By fersitio on June 2, 2022

    Instalei o plugin e ele não permite fazer o login pra quem já tem conta.

    Marite Rodriguez


    By marite rodriguez (mariterodriguez) on June 1, 2022


    Don’t use this plugin!


    By pleasure94 on May 22, 2022

    Don’t use this plugin! Just don’t! Even removing it from WP will be hard. Shitty!

    5 star


    By JO (mechatronicsjo) on May 15, 2022

    Very great

    By caractereagency on May 6, 2022

    Fully tool for marketing !

    What do you expect for free

    By lougeezer on May 2, 2022


    Upgrade ads are about the only thing that works on the free version. Nothing to convince me the paid versions are any different.

    nice free app doing its job


    By aggressoru on April 13, 2022

    u could strip it some more its TOO MANY FUTURES ! leave just those are enough 🙂 seriously OSM FREE STUFF cart notice auto greet

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