Day In The Life Of A Covid19 Warrior|Stay Home, Stay Positive, Fight Back

Indian Nurse sharing her experience: A day in the life of a Covid Warrior

Delhi Nursing Student on Covid19

Covid19 has hit hard on everyone, Doctors and Nurses are critical to a successful response to the COVID-19 outbreak. We argue that they have a duty to contribute in pandemic response because of their unique skills, but these skills vary among doctors, and their responsibilities are limited by competing rights.

We conclude that, while doctors should be encouraged to satisfy the need for medical assistance in the event of a pandemic, those who make the sacrifices and put out the extra effort are owed reciprocal obligations. Doctors and Nurses are also justified in opting out of specific responsibilities when reciprocal commitments are not satisfied, as long as this is commensurate to the unmet obligation.

One of the Nurse from the Delhi City (India) share her experience in these tough times.

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