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Netherlands Perfect Place for You to Visit “Country of Innovations in The 21st Century”


We all know that Netherlands is a great country to live in with the its best healthcare services, best childcare, good economy, high nutrition diet of the people, great education system and people keenly interested in biking. So, there is no doubt in Netherlands being among the best country to live in and having the happiest population. It totally has that vibe!!


In a country where people are living this good quality life and having fresh and open minds, it’s obvious that people will be full of innovations and it is a fact that Netherlands is the country full of innovations. Here are a few lesser known innovations that we didn’t know are given to the world by our special country Netherlands.

We got cassette, CD, DVDs and Blu-Ray

Physical media like cassettes and DVSD were invented in Netherlands by theDutch electronics giant Philips. They began this journey by the invention of cassettes in 1963 and with the need of the hour moved on to replace cassettes with DVDs in 1997. Evolution is the basis of life and so is the case in the field of innovation in Netherlands. So, when there was need they gave a new concept of blu-ray to the world.

Netherlands turned carrots to orange

The phrase Netherlands turned carrots to orange seems so interesting and yet so confusing. Like how can you turn two completely different things into one another. So, here is this interesting fact. In Ancient times the colour of our favourite carrots was not orange.

It used to be white, purple or yellow. This transformation came as a tribute to King William of Orange who helped Dutch to win independence from Spain in the 17th century, so to honour the king the Dutch farmers turned their carrots orange and the charm of orange was that much that it became the popularly known colour of carrots. Now How cool is that!!

The first stock market in the world

What an amazing thing is that the Dutch legislators and businessmen back in 1602 invented the first stock market in the world. This was done to fund the Dutch East India Company and its long trade-based voyages from the Netherlands. The Dutch were also the first to develop Fairtrade certification, launching the Max Havelaar certificate in the 1980s. These amazing innovations really make Netherlands a precious gem in the world.

Here, the people are so into bringing out their creativity that it amazes the whole world. So, here is a pat on the back of Netherlands (metaphorically!!). Go Netherlands!!

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