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    Top 10 Cloud Based CRM Software

    The world’s changed a lot in the last couple of years, and businesses have likely changed with it. Digital communications channels have replaced traditional ones. Now more than ever, you need customer relationship management (Cloud Based CRM software).

    Even if you already have CRM software in place, it may be time to upgrade to one that is better suited to the modern business style. A proper CRM software goes beyond simple contact tracking by keeping a complete audit trail of every interaction your staff has with each customer. Here are a few pointers you must consider while looking for CRM software for business.

    How to Choose the Best Cloud Based CRM Software?

    Consider the following points while choosing Cloud Based CRM Software for your business:

    1. Helps you achieve your unique goals

    There are different types of CRM platforms, so the one you choose should offer features that will help you achieve your unique goals. Examine your current sales process and system for managing contacts. Make a list of the Cloud Based CRM features that would be the most effective for streamlining your process.

    2. Helps in easy team Collaborations

    Consider how and where your team works. A mobile CRM app may prove a valuable tool if your business has team members working remotely or on the road. Many mobile Cloud Based CRM apps allow for offline access, which means data can be recorded and updated even in areas with spotty service.

    3. Promises ease-of-use

    An intuitive interface is a key to hitting the ground running with new software. Check that any Cloud Based CRM provider you go for promises ease of use. Simple CRM should have smooth navigation and functionality that doesn’t waste time.

    4. Provides 24/7 Customer Support

    Before committing to software, you should know what kind of support they offer in case things go wrong. Check out if they offer 24/7 live rep phone support and an extensive knowledge base.

    Always take the test drive!!!

    “The best way of knowing if an on-demand CRM system is right for you is to test-drive its platform before purchasing. This is the only way of knowing for certain if you like the way it looks and performs. Especially if you use that time to also dive into CRM best practices.

    Top 10 cloud based CRM software are:

    1. HubSpot CRM

    Hubspot CRM serves your business as more than just a contact management system. It is a Cloud Based CRM that offers free tools to update reports and track performance automatically. You can gain complete visibility of your sales pipeline instantaneously through a comprehensive dashboard.

    Price range: $50 to $240 per user per month.

    Check out the detailed pricing of Hubspot here.


    • It gives you a customization board for tasks and helps to synchronize the marketing department.
    • It comes with a good cell phone, Mail and Website integration.
    • It helps to manage the pipeline with total visibility.
    • Logs every activity automatically and can see all the information about the contacts in one place.
    Best variations in HubSpot Cloud Based CRM.

    Read in Detail about HubSpot; checkout What is HubSpot: How Hubspot is Building Pathways for Businesses to Succeed

    2. Zoho CRM

    With a global network of 150,000+ businesses spread in 180 countries, Zoho CRM helps companies to grow their revenue by enhancing customer engagement and converting more leads. You can stay ahead in sales by keeping track of performance and sales metrics.

    The software empowers your business processes with intelligent AI tools, unified dashboards, and dedicated mobile apps to ensure you succeed by all means.

    Price Range: $14 to $52 per user, per month


    • Omnichannel platform to connect with customers across different channels.
    • Sales automation tools to manage leads, contacts, deals, and accounts through workflows and macros.
    • Customizable dashboards and reports with multiple options to compare, contrast and derive insights from your data.
    • AI-Powered sales assistant to help you predict sales outcomes, detect anomalies, identify email sentiments and the best time to contact someone.
    • Internal chat feature plus forums, notes, and groups to facilitate effective team collaboration.
    • Mobile CRM app to record data, schedule tasks, connect with customers and update information even when you’re offline.
    • REST API, deluge functions, widgets, web and mobile SDKs, sandbox and developer edition, allows you to extend your CRM’s potential with a mix of low code and pro code.
    Featured apps of Zoho CRM

    3. Zendesk Sell

    Zendesk Sell is a sales Cloud Based CRM software designed to make the jobs of sales personnel in any organization tenfold easier. With the primary goal of deal closure and customer satisfaction in mind, this integrated tool streamlines daily sales tasks, tracks conversions, facilitates performance visibility, and improves sales pipeline management.

    Price Range: $19 to $99 per user, per month


    • Turn your conversations into real-time conversations using to streamline your business processes and enhance productivity and pipeline visibility.
    • Builds to address the frequent issues of your salespeople.
    • It carefully removes possible friction incurred due to deal updates and helps your sales team to collaborate, access, and analyze relevant deal information.
    • Build a targeted list of prospects across multiple channels.
    • Visually impressive customizable reports and analytical dashboards.
    Cloud Based CRM
    Tools Associated with Zendesk Cloud Based CRM

    4. Salesforce

    Salesforce, indeed, is one of the best cloud based CRM solutions for transforming your business. Remain connected to your customers in a unique way and unite your sales, marketing, IT teams, service, commerce, etc., using the single software.

    Empower your sales team to increase productivity and garner solid leads without any hassle or speed limits.

    It also helps you deliver accurate proposals, quotes, and contracts while automating your bills, revenue recognition, and subscription.

    Salesforce Pricing: $25 and keeps increasing as per the requirements.


    • It provides communities and markets for sales and leads.
    • It supports email integration and helps to run applications.
    • Salesforce assists in the forecasting and keeps the customer engaged all the time.
    • It provides chatter, analytics, and real-time visualization.
    • Software navigation is straightforward.
    • It has a lot of social media capabilities that increase its popularity.
    Salesforce Cloud Based CRM architecture
    Salesforce Procedural Architecture

    5. EngageBay

    EngageBay has a free Cloud Based CRM system for essential contact organization and sales pipeline management, as well as paid marketing and service modules and all-in-one packages.

    Price Range: $12 to $64 per user, per month


    • It logs every customer interaction like email with contacts directly into the CRM database and also lets you write emails or make calls from within the system.
    • It helps in publishing your calendar online for customers to pick dates for meetings or phone calls quickly and also get helpful follow-up reminders.
    • The seamless integration with Zapier, Mailgun, SendGrid, and more help streamline everything from business processes and transactional emails for invoicing and payment tracking.
    • Offers free migration of all your contact data from your previous Cloud Based CRM software.
    EngageBay Features

    6. Freshworks CRM

    Synergizing a stylish, refreshing interface with solid customer support, Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales) boasts an entirely cloud based CRM solution that also manages to deliver that all-important quality for growing businesses – affordability!!

    Price Range: $15 to $69 per user, per month


    • Event Tracking
    • Create custom reports
    • Automated and Personalized Emails.
    • Respond to leads, analyze dashboards, etc., via the mobile app.
    • Built-in phone, chat, and email features.

    7. Salesmate CRM

    Salesmate is a CRM & customer journey platform with powerful features of call recording, call masking, voicemail drop, call transfers, etc.

    You will be able to connect your sales and support inboxes to receive all the messages in one place. It helps you to deliver a five times faster and more exceptional customer experience. It contains the functionalities for automating business workflows.

    Price Range: 12 to $40 per user, per month


    • Salesmate provides enterprise-grade security.
    • It is entirely customizable, and you can get the system started quickly.
    • It offers personalized support through one-on-one video, live chat, email, and phone.
    • It provides the solution with affordable pricing.

    8. Agile CRM

    Agile CRM is easy-to-use software with advanced features and integrations. It combines sales and marketing features to deliver complete customer engagement and better selling.

    Moreover, it boasts of features like appointment scheduling, email tracking, mobile tracking, marketing automation, project management, and telephony.

    Price Range: 10 to $65 per user, per month


    • Hosted on the Google cloud, the platform prioritizes top speeds and good data encryption.
    • There is a considerable collection of seamless integrations, including social plugins for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as support, email, telephony, SMS and billing apps.
    • Agile CRM gives you an unlimited amount of deals, tasks, and documents, even with the free version.
    Dashboard Representation of AgileCRM

    9. Oracle NetSuite

    Oracle NetSuite offers a cloud based CRM solution that provides a 360-degree view of your customers in real-time. It contains all the functionalities like sales order, fulfilment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell, etc.

    Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. A free product tour is available.


    • Oracle NetSuite CRM will streamline lead-to-cash processes.
    • Your sales performance will get improved because of forecasting, upsell, and commission management.
    • You will be able to manage global sales and services organizations.

    10. Pipedrive CRM

    Pipedrive is a prevalent Customer Relation Management tool that was built for minimum input and maximum output.

    The sole purpose of PIPEDRIVE is to make salespeople unstoppable. It helps to organize your business in such a manner that gives you a superb view of sales and thereby increases productivity. With PIPEDRIVE, we can improve all the workflows.

    Price Range: 12 to $50 per user, per month


    • It has a promising sales pipeline and email integration.
    • It provides the setting of goals, contact history, API and mobile App.
    • It can be customized and supports multi-environment with 24*7 support.
    • It has good reporting, map integration, email tracking, data import, and export.
    PipeDrive Cloud Based CRM Architecture
    PipeDrive Architecture

    There is certainly no single best cloud based CRM out there for all and everyone’s needs. So, the above list will help you find the CRM Software that best suits your business. If you’re still not sure which is right for your business, check out whether there are free trials with your top CRM options.

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